Real Women Have…

November 8, 2017

I remember a movie coming out in the early 2000s called Real Women Have Curves.  My mom had me watch it, ostensibly because it featured Hispanic people in California and that is where I spent 18 months working with Spanish speakers. Subtly, it was also a nod to me having the curves without which I could not be a real woman.  Or so the title says.

I don’t deny having curves or that I’m a woman.  My pediatrician told my mother that I would have a full figure based on what I was like before kindergarten. I was a C cup by the time I was in 8th grade and it’s only gotten worse from there.

On the other hand, we have my sister, who was athletically not voluptuous and got curves when she started having kids.

This post is not meant to take a position on bra size and its correlation to feminine identity. I intend to advocate in opposition to any statement that starts with “real women have…”

I’ve noticed a prominent feature of some novels.  The man is stuck in a loveless relationship with a skinny, superficial woman who never removes her Jimmy Choos.  Thank goodness he runs into an altruistic woman who wears flannel and crocs and rocks Wal-Mart underwear.  Oh, and did I mention that the flannel-clad angel ALWAYS has “soft curves in all the right places”?  It’s how he knows that he has to give up everything to win her heart.

Let me pause here to say “Um…”

A well-known LDS Author wrote many romances and in several of them, you could tell that a woman was evil in advance because she would say, “We don’t change attire after church.”   The aw-shucks heroine would then say that she doesn’t have anything to wear for changing a tire.  The woman with the vocabulary would either repent or die alone while the young man would go on a series of slapstick bad dates with the aw-shucks before proposing.

It’s not fair to fictional women to hold them to an unrealistic standard in which they all have to fit the same standards.  It’s our diversity that makes us real women.

Real women

have curves

are flat-chested

are confident

struggle with insecurity

are healthy

are always having diets recommended to them

have a sunny disposition

have depression/anxiety/panic/phobias

have kids

have no kids

have degrees

have a GED

work hard

can’t keep a job

stay home with the kids

are single moms

are the breadwinners

are on welfare

have disabilities

have faith in God

don’t like religion.

I could go on for pages, as could everyone reading this

In short, friends, real women…are female and not figments of an imagination.  Whatever they are after that is full of infinite possibility.

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