The Top of the Mountain

October 17, 2017

MartinFor a writer what is the ultimate achievement? Is it making the New York Times Best Seller list? It is working continuously? Is is having your book turned into a movie? For me and many others it would be the last one and also making the NY best seller list.

What author doesn’t dream of their book being picked up and turned into a movie for the masses to see and then buy a copy of their book? I know I’d love it! It is almost like the ultimate reward for all that hard work.

Now I know many authors and they don’t have their books made into movies, but they are still satisfied by their careers. Often it is the feedback from readers that moves them, keeps them writing when it feels too hard. I’m sure most writer’s write because if they don’t, they are not complete and if they happen to reach that ultimate mountain of book turned into movie – well they won’t turn it down!

I recently saw a movie that I was so excited about because it meant one of my favourite authors had achieved one of their dreams! Yes, their book became a movie!

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin is now a movie of the same name starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba and it’s a stunning movie. I hope it is a success for the actors and studio. For me, seeing Charles Martin’s name of the big screen was such a delight. I was giddy because now so many other people would buy his book and know what an amazing writer he mountain

And that folks is the dream isn’t it? More people enjoying the years of hard work you put in. It’s a blessing to create something others love. It’s fuel to a writer, to any artist.

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