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October 2017

The Top of the Mountain

TweetFor a writer what is the ultimate achievement? Is it making the New York Times Best Seller list? It is working continuously? Is is having your book turned into a movie? For me and many others it would be the last one and also…

October 17, 2017

Three Things Most Americans Don’t Know About Mexico

TweetAs I submerge myself in research for my current works in progress, I find that history has a wonderful way to get to people. In my case, it makes me proud of my roots and culture. I thought it would be fun to go…

October 10, 2017

A Big Welcome!

TweetYoxani and Jessica here, with a big welcome to Kaki Olsen, our new adventurer. Kaki is an author with a book published by Cedar Fort in 2016 and a new upcoming release this October 21. “Iron Doves” Published by The Dragon’s Rocketship, this is…

October 3, 2017