Writing Prompts for Romance Writers.

August 1, 2017

Hola, Yoxani here at Adventures Yet Unwritten. Do you write romance and sometimes you feel like you need a little boost when it comes to inspiration for a specific scene or story? Well, I have good news. Been there and done that. I have put together a list of effective prompts to increase your creativity and ramp your writing juices. Choose or modified any of the following prompts and have a happy writing time.

1- Write a letter- This one is a classic. Write a letter to someone from your past. Your first crush, perhaps the boy or girl from middle school, you know the one with the Colgate smile. Write the letter by hand. Think about the first time you saw this person and what you thought about him or her.

2- First kiss- Yes. You have had one of those, right? If not drop everything at this moment and go outside your home and kiss the first person you see out there. Just kidding. Please don’t do that.
For this one just think of your characters and even if you don’t have a scene with a kiss in it, write one. It doesn’t have to be long. Just feel what your character feels and write what physical and emotional reactions they have when they get to kiss the heroine or hero.

3- Romantic Song- Listen to your favorite romantic song and imagine your characters are acting in a scene set to the song. What do they do? Does the song change for them? Do they follow the rhythm or do they refuse to move? Perhaps they need a change of scenery. Now write a short scene about it.

4- Interview- Choose three topics that you want to know about your characters and ask them about them. Listen to your intuition, after all they all live in our mind, so feel what they feel, and have fun recording their answers.

5- Research- Even if you are not a historical writer there is lots of research that goes into a novel. Such as how to operate a KitchenAid mixer, ride a motorcycle, prepare a traditional chocolate drink from scratch, or climb into a carriage without destroying your day dress. I personally find it very interesting to start a research topic, then I get all of these ideas to create scenes based on my findings.

6- Poem- Write a poem to someone you care about. Or have one of your character’s do it. Not a poet? No worries. In that case, simply read a classic poem. They are filled with inspiration.

7- First Impressions- Write about two characters meeting for the first time. What’s the first thing they notice about each other? Is it love at first sight? Why? What is missing? If they could change something about the situation what would that be?

8- Images- If you struggle to come up with a specific scene. Google images of the place or subject you want to include in your scene. I personally find this very effective in getting me going.

9- Write the Ending- If you are a panster you may not agree with this, but I find it very refreshing when I’m stuck in a particular scene, to skip ahead and write the last chapter of the story.

10- Bucket List- Think about what you want to be doing when you are older. I mean close to 100 years-old. I know some people get to live over a 100, but for this particular exercise think of yourself as a 100-year-old person. What are your regrets or do overs? Do you or your characters have a bucket list?

I hope this list is of use to you. If not, maybe it got you thinking about your own list. Either way the point is to get that creativity going. What are some of your favorite prompts when it comes to writing

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