Sponge Cake

June 6, 2017

IMG_2433Howdy folks,

Years ago I made a sponge cake and it didn’t go well. I’ve wanted to vindicate myself ever since and I have been wanting to try making a sponge cake recently. So much so that the thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind. Finally, I searched for a recipe and bought the ingredients. To be sure to the mixing, I watched a quick you tube video on mixing the batter as I know this is the most important part of sponge cake -getting the batter aerated well.

I was ready. I followed the instructions and got to work. With fingers crossed I put the cake in the oven and waited. Twenty minutes later pulled the cake from the oven, turned the two halves onto the baking paper and waited some more. I whipped the cream up and then finally I assembled the cake.

The result? It was wonderfully light and tasty. i was really proud of myself. Making a sponge cake is no longer scary, but something to look forward too and a skill to add to my cooking abilities.

I think there was about two reasons why the cake worked 1) time and 2) the right equipment.

I gave myself time to learn more about baking and time to let my first failure fade a bit from memory before tackling it again. The second one was having the right equipment. 18 months ago I got a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and it has been one of the best appliances I have ever bought. It’s power and efficiency have helped my cooking to no end. These two factors have allowed my to produce better results.IMG_1345

I believe this is the same with writing. It takes time to get better and you really do need the right equipment. Writers have all sorts of things that help them be better from story crafting programs, to writing craft books by favourite authors, to conferences. For most writers there is no one way to have the right equipment, it varies for each writer. Once you find what works for you it makes the whole process a lot easier!

What is your best equipment?


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