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June 2017

A Genius Resource.

TweetFollowing on from Yoxani’s post from last week, I too am in the midst of a new novel. I’m in the planning stages of my second book in my three part series. I’m not committing words to paper yet, I’m busy brainstorming with some…

June 27, 2017

Writing the Premise

Tweet In between loads of laundry and the busy days of summer, I’m starting a brand new story. And in case you are wondering, nope, that is not a picture of my dog, but it represents how I feel when I start a new…

June 20, 2017

Sponge Cake

TweetHowdy folks, Years ago I made a sponge cake and it didn’t go well. I’ve wanted to vindicate myself ever since and I have been wanting to try making a sponge cake recently. So much so that the thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind. Finally,…

June 6, 2017