It’s Query Time!

May 16, 2017


I recently receive some feedback from the Genesis contest.  I’m grateful for all the judges giving that valuable feedback, I was able to make some small but significant changes to my MS and now I’m ready to start my query process.


Today, I would like to share some resources I have found very helpful get that query letter ready. A while ago I took a class from the amazing Laurie S. Campbell. I have taken most of the classes she offers online and, just so you know, she is wonderful at helping writers to fine tune their characters and turning that initial idea into a complete outline. But, she also has other classes. One of them is about writing a query letter. You can look at her info in here.


Another resource that I personally find very valuable is a website by my friend, Ben Hutchins. It’s called Query Letter Success. In there he has published authors sharing the query letters that landed them a contract with an agent. There is a lot to learn from there. The best part is that these are real authors sharing their successes.


One more place that I often go to is savvy they are hosting an online pitch event this week, from May 17 to May 19.  At the “Spring WOW’em Pitchfest”, you get to pitch your MS to a select group of agents and publishers. At the end of the festival, they announce which pitches appealed to the most and they request either a full or a partial submission from each of the selected writers.


So its pitch week! Let’s get these query letters out there!



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