100 Spanish Names for your Female Characters

April 4, 2017

Spanish Names Series

When choosing a name for a character no matter the genre you write in, sometimes can be tough to decide on a name that represents your character’s personality and traits. Most of my stories have Spanish character’s in, so is only natural to choose a Spanish name for them, but sometimes I have a native character in there with a mystic name, or even a French descendant or any other given nationality that may fit the story line. I personally feel like that gives the story a little more flavor.
But today I’m sharing a list of Spanish names for those who write with a Spanish character in mind or those who wish to add a character with a foreign flavor to their story. Some are more modern and some are more of an antique.

1- Ana
2- Amor. Love, so many ideas come to mind for character with this name.
3- Amelia
4- Aurora
5- Alejandra
6- Beatriz
7- Azul. The color blue, I have heard this name more in the past 15 years or so, perfect for a contemporary character.
8- Consuelo
9- Ruby
10- Sandra
11- Mercedes
12- Carmen
13- Isabel
14- Armida
15- Maria
16- Margarita. The flower and the well-known drink by the same name. Also a form of Margaret.
17- Socorro
18- Casandra
19- Imelda
20- Francisca
21- Clotilde. This is a good one to use in a historical
22- Guadalupe. Classic in many Spanish speaking countries.
23- Emilia
24- Josefa
25- Rosa
26- Rosalia
27- Natalia
28- Lucila
29- Julieta. Yes, think Shakespeare here.
30- Andolza. Another one you would see in a historical
31- Josefina.
32- Mary Mar. Made famous in Mexico by actress Thalia in a soap opera by the same name in the 90’s
33- Adela
34- Karina.
35- Raquel.
36- Sofia.
37- Eva.
38- Hilda
39- Carla
40- Marina
41- Griselda
42- Marisela
43- Mariela
44- Armida
45- Sonia
46- Blanca
47- Sabina
48- Ines
49- Bianca
50- Rosalinda. Pretty Rose.
51- Lucero
52- Camila
53- Daniela
54- Adriana
55- Abril. April, more popular in the last decade
56- Laura
57- Julia
58- Cecilia
59- Elvira
60- Juana
61- Isabela
62- Victoria
63- Milagros
64- Jaimica. A form of James
65- Flor
66- Gabriela
67- Ximena
68- Alegria. Joyful.
69- Altamira. Place with a beautiful view
70- Angeles. A form of Angela
71- Belen. Bethlehem
72- Brisa. It means beloved. Mythology: Briseis was the Greek name of Achilles’s beloved.
73- Valeria. A form of valor.
74- Salome. She is famous for demanding and receiving the head of John the Baptist, according to the New Testament.
75- Isidora
76- Adelina
77- Hortensia. Gardener
78- Ramona
79- Virginia
80- Noemi
81- Carola
82- Cristina
83- Jovana
84- Elena
85- Teressa
86- Ursula
87- Miriam
88- Serena. Calm or peaceful
89- Susana
90- Fernanda
91- Palmira
92- Alma
93- Sara
94- Viviana
95- Luz. Light
96- Yolanda
97- Clarissa
98- Cyntia
99- Paula
100-Estrella. Star

Stay tuned for the 100 Spanish names for your Male characters coming soon. And happy writing.

Photo Credit: Copyright: Prometeus / 123RF Stock Photo

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