Challenge accepted, What about you?

March 28, 2017

I was reading a post written by Bryan Hutchinson in the Positive Writer Blog where he talks about 40 reasons why he chooses to write. He extended a challenge to all writers to think and write their own 40 reasons why they write. So, I’m taking the challenge. Here I go.
1. I write because I can’t function without it.
2. I love to read, but when I read a book I simply can’t stop thinking the whole time about a new story to write. Hence I have many books that I have read half way. Oh boy! I didn’t know this was going to turn into a confession.
3. I want to share with the world the experiences that life has taught me.
4. I write because writing challenges my brain and keeps me going.
5. I love to see the proud smile on my kids faces when they tell their friends their mom is a writer.
6. I write to express my thoughts.
7. I have plenty of stories to tell, so I write them down.
8. My mom is eager to read my work, and who doesn’t love to make their mother smile? Especially, when the hero in the story is named after my grandpa.
9. Writing feeds my soul.
10. Writing helps me to release stress.
11. Research, oh precious research! Writing allows me to immerse myself in research.
12. I love to tell people that I’m a writer. It just brightens my day.
13. I get to travel to far places when I write, and the best part is time travel.
14. I want to share the past and present of my country with people who may never learned about it.
15. I never thought of myself of an entertainer, but I guess being a writer makes me one.
16. I started writing since I was in elementary school, so I’m keeping up my legacy.
17. I have a creative mind that finally found a wonderful place to live in fiction writing.
18. I write because I’m not normal. I’m a writer.
19. I’m a story teller
20. I’m a story writer.
21. No one else can write my stories, only me.
22. I write because Felix and Yaretzi will never forgive me if I don’t share their love story.
23. And what about Natalia and Gabriel.
24. Wait. None of my characters will ever forgive me if I stop writing.
25. I love to play with words, as crazy as that may sound.
26. I love reading craft books and applying the principles to my writing.
27. Writing makes me smile more often.
28. I’m a writer at heart.
29. I was inspired to write by my Heavenly Father, and who I’m I to tell Him no?
30. I used to make oil painting, but I reached the point when painting wouldn’t do anymore.
31. I think writing is romantic.
32. I like to follow my intuition.
33. Writing is a need for me.
34. I like adding a little twist and flavor to history.
35. I like to revive the places I write about.
36. I have way too many stories in my head. I simply can’t stop it. Wait, I think I already mentioned that one. Well, true-story, I can’t help it.
37. I have learned a ton since I started writing, and I have a lot more to learn.
38. I get to eat healthy snacks while I write.
39. Writing keeps me on track.
40. It gives me one more reason to get up in the morning.

There you have it, 40 reasons, and I didn’t even know I had so many. If you would like to take the challenge go to 40 Reasons to Write Challenge. I highly recommend it. Is very refreshing.

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