The Pros and Cons of Having a Writing Mentor

March 21, 2017

Pros and cons of hiring a writing mentor or coach.

A mentor is a person who has the experience to help you through your process, someone who already did what you are doing. A mentor or coach can come in different forms. It can be a critique partner, it can be a friend who is in the writing industry, a teacher you take classes from, or an author whose work you admire.
A mentor can be a big help in a writer’s career. Having a mentor or coach, at times can make the difference between reaching publication or staying an author wannabe.
Some places offer extended mentoring programs to help you boost your productivity and reach the end of your story.
I personally find a lot of value in having a mentor, and to be honest, the only cons I can find about having a mentor is the monetary investment. Some mentors have a lot of experience and have a lot to bring to the table, but also they cost an arm and a leg, but looking around you can find one for a reasonable fee. If fact, many authors would be honored if a writer would approach them and ask them for advice. I have had the opportunity to work with three different writing mentors in the past, and I have received invaluable advice from them. Also, I had the opportunity to contact a local author in a writing conference last year. While chatting with her, she asked what I was currently working on, I told her my story, and then she asked if I had a writhing group that I attended regularly. I commented to her that my group consisted of only men and all of the guys wrote different genres then I did. She offered to critique a couple of chapters for me, and of course I accepted. I got her info and a few weeks later a sent her my two chapters. I got very good feedback from her. I ‘m grateful she was willing to help out.
Recently I decided to try a mentoring program, and I’m happy to report that it really improved my productivity. I actually worked with two different mentors. One helped me with production. She helped me set a monthly goal schedule and touched basis weekly to keep me going. The other one offers extensive mentoring. She is an editor, and has helped me with stuff from brainstorming to proof reading. She is wonderful. There are many places out there that offer mentoring. One site that I have found very useful is
Writing can be a lonely endeavor but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are starting out, or have a little more experience in the writing craft, I encourage you to reach out and ask for a hand. Find a writing group near you or an online one. Join a writing organization that calls to you, or sign up for a mentoring program. You are worth the investment.

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