Elevator Pitch to Finish! Writers Workshop

March 16, 2017

This past weekend I got to attend Lisa Chaplin‘s Elevator Pitch to Finish! Writer’s Workshop and boy was it fun and head spinningly good! Lisa is engaging, funny and direct. It’s a winning combination and as a unpublished, still learning (aren’t we always still learning?) writer, spending a weekend learning from her was amazing. Meeting other local writers was a pleasure. We all had fun as Lisa pushed us to make our writing better, to think better and to want this career.

I say career because that’s what this is. It’s not a hobby. For me it’s a career/hobby right now. I have a baby at home so it’s hard to even write a weekly blog post some weeks. Lisa’s course taught me some of the nuts and bolts of plotting that I simply had no idea about.

Remember my confession post on being unable to plot a novel? Well thanks to Lisa, I have a solid foundation to work with now. It’s still hard but it’s not foreign anymore. It’s tangible, it’s doable. Isn’t that the secret really? Something can be hard but doable. Sometimes, it feels so hard that you can’t do it at all – like create a elevator pitch or plot a novel. I can do an elevator pitch now and I’m on my way to plotting a novel!

What’s an elevator pitch? Imagine you are in an elevator with your dream agent or editor. You have 30 seconds to pitch your novel to them.  That’s what I want – to be able to pitch to my dream agents or editors and get it right. No wording vomiting here, no umms and ahhs – just 30 seconds to sell my novel.

So I highly recommend Lisa’s weekend course – it’s worth the investment. That’s what this is –  an investment. Isn’t your career worth that?

I encourage anyone to go out and find those courses than you can attend and start investing in your career. You’ll never regret it.

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