How to know if you are a writer

March 14, 2017

Writer test or quiz

Hola Yoxani here. Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Am I a writer? Do I have what it takes to write a book?”

Usually a writer’s mind is that of analytical creation. You get into a topic, you ponder about it, and you wonder how it came to be. Often times you feel like writing about it, and sharing with others what you came up with.

Now I have a question for you. “Have you ever written something only to end up deleting every single word of your document, because when you went back to read it, it almost brought tears of disappointment to your eyes?” Well, if you didn’t care about writing you wouldn’t even bother thinking about it. A large percentage of people want to write a novel some time in their lives, but very few are actually invested in writing even just a short article.


Here are some clues you can look for to tell if you are a writer.



Many writers have a very creative, imaginative mind. Yes. At some point in your life you end up wondering if you are a little kooky. That’s because whether you like to write fiction or nonfiction or simply record someone’s life as a memoir, your mind usually goes out of its way finding ideas to write about. Trust me on this one, if this happens to you, you are not alone.



Another sign that you are a writer is the dreams. You heard me right, the dreams. And I’m not talking about the regular dreams occurring during a R.E.M stage of sleep. What I’m talking about here is that moment in the night when you are so tired and ready to hit the hay, and as you start to lay down on your pillow a bunch of images, often times nonsense ones come to your mind and at that very moment, a part of your brain says to you, “Wow, that would make a wonderful scene, let’s not forget about it when we wake up. OK?” So when this happens, make sure to take notes. This usually is a very good resource for inspiration, especially for fantasy writers.


Doubting yourself:

This is a big one. Whenever you finish a project, especially if you are just starting in the writing world, is only natural to feel a little doubtful about your abilities.  You may think that your writing is not good enough, and the “what if” soon creeps into you mind. What if nobody likes it? What if people simply make fun of my writing? When this happens many writers freeze and stop writing all together, well, for a while anyways, because this takes us to the next clue. But, before that, let me tell you this. Self-doubting is a natural human response. You should never feel ashamed of it. After all, you are putting your thoughts, ideas, and often your own experiences in life onto paper for everybody to see. That takes courage. A lot of the most successful authors out there have gone or are still going through that. At some point in their career. It’s a writers’ thing.


You can’t quit:

And last but not least, believe it or not, when you are a writer and frustration arrives, you may decide this is not for you and quit, but soon you find yourself with your fingers glued to the keypad again. Writers simply can’t quit writing. It hurts too much. If these qualities describe you. I have news for you. You have what it takes to write a book.


You have been bitten by the writing bug, and now you get to make your dreams come true, and you get to enjoy the process. Remember that, comparing yourself to other writers who seem to be spitting out books every few months is nonsense. Of course they are fast. Of course they are successful. Of course they know their stuff. But, that’s because they already went through the beginning of the learning process. I say the beginning of the learning process because learning is something we never stop doing, but my point is, that writing is a craft that can be studied by anyone interested enough to put the time and effort to learn it. If you feel the call to write, do it, learn, make mistakes and write about it, because many will benefit from your experiences, and they will grow and be better because you decided to share your goodness with the rest of the world.

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