Keeping it Simple

March 9, 2017

Hi Folks,

Jess here. Today I’m talking about keeping it simple. Goals. All writers have them. As a author in progress It has taken me a long time to get the idea of goals sorted out. I couldn’t seem to achieve them. Then I learned the secret from Michael Hyatt. Here’s his post on The Beginners Guide to Goal Setting. It’s simple really – set your goals and break them down into achievable sizes. For me it was working out what I wanted to achieve this year and then turning them into monthly smaller goals.

I’m learning that with a 4 month old even my simple goals are hard to reach. Even writing this blog post has been hard because my little girl things day sleeps are a silly idea right now. So instead of beating myself up like I used to, I’m going to simply change my goal. Make it more achievable, make it smaller. So the goal mountain is the same, I’m just taking smaller steps.

It’s really freeing when you know you can keep going on your goals without feeling like they are weighing you down.

How are you going with your goals?



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